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Internal wall insulation (IWI) in the UK is a technique used to improve the thermal performance and energy efficiency of buildings by insulating the interior walls. Unlike external wall insulation (EWI), which involves insulating the exterior of the building, IWI entails adding insulation to the inside of the walls.

The process of internal wall insulation typically involves the following steps:

● Preparation: We will assess the walls to ensure they are suitable for internal insulation. Existing walls, and coverings such as wallpaper or paint, for example, may need to be removed.
● Insulation material: we install Insulation boards or batts on the internal surface of the walls. These boards are then fixed to the wall using adhesive or mechanical fixings.
● Plastering: After we have completed the insulation, the walls will be plastered to create a smooth and even finish.

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Internal wall insulation can offer several benefits, including:

● Improved thermal performance: IWI helps reduce heat loss through the walls, keeping the building warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

● Enhanced energy efficiency: By preventing heat loss, installing IWI can make the building more energy-efficient, leading to lower heating bills.

● Condensation prevention: IWI can help reduce the risk of condensation on internal walls, so it reduces the chance of damp and mould issues.

● Minimise disruption: Insulation is installed on the inside of the building therefore there is minimal disruption to the external appearance of the property.

● Flexibility: IWI can be used in various types of buildings, including solid walls and cavity walls.

In conclusion, keep in mind that Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) might slightly reduce the size of your rooms due to the added insulation thickness on the walls. Therefore for optimal results and performance, entrust the installation to a professional and qualified installer. Contact GO2 Property Services today to get expert assistance with Internal Wall Insulation and see how we can remarkably transform your property’s energy efficiency and comfort.