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Go 2 Property Care are professionals in damp proofing and plastering. We are based in Lightwater and offer our services across London and the home counties.

After you have contacted us, we will carry out an onsite survey and provide a quote dependent on the individual job at hand.

Damp refers to excess, unwanted moisture in a property. Damp can lead to several problems and damage your property’s infrastructure. Damp is usually caused by three main problems: condensation, rising damp and penetrating damp. Go 2 Property Care can help by identifying the cause of damp and providing a solution.

There are 3 main types, penetrating damp, rising damp and condensation. Damp control is preventive and damp proofing is responsive, they fall under the same banner.

Plaster should never be applied over wallpaper. Wallpaper will need to be removed completely before plastering can commence.

We would recommend not to permanently re-decorate (eg wallpaper) until 12 months after damp proofing. However, you could use water-permeable emulsion paint after about 4-8 weeks, when visible signs of damp have disappeared.

We work in both residential and commercial properties and have the experience and expertise to produce excellent results in both.

We need to see your property in order to determine what work is required and therefore what we are going to quote.

We would recommend first asking the company who originally installed the damp proof course to review their work and reinspect the property as it is likely to be under a guarantee. However, if this is not possible, Go 2 Property Care will be happy to carry out a damp survey for you.
We always aim to keep disruption to a minimum. Where possible, we will install the damp proofing course from the outside, however sometimes this isn’t doable. Therefore, where working inside, our experts will always take care to look after carpets and flooring.
Skimming refers to the final coat of plaster applied. It is usually 2-3mm thick and most areas require 2 coats of this. When this has dried, the area is smooth and ready to be painted.

We recognise that damp can create the ideal conditions for pests. Luckily, we are also expert pest controllers.