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Render refers to the process of applying a protective and decorative coating to the external surfaces of buildings. Render can be categorised into two main types: modern render and traditional render.

Modern Render

Modern render is a contemporary approach to external wall finishes, and it offers various benefits in terms of durability, flexibility, and aesthetics.

Some common types of modern render used in the UK include:


● Monocouche Render: Monocouche render is a through-coloured render, meaning the colour is consistent throughout the entire thickness. It comes in a wide range of colours and eliminates the need for painting.
● Silicone Render: Silicone-based renders offer excellent water repellency and flexibility, making them more resistant to cracking and weathering.
● Acrylic Render: Acrylic renders are known for their quick drying time and ease of application. They can be applied to a variety of substrates and provide good weather protection.
● Polymer Modified Render: These renders contain polymers that enhance the render’s performance, making it more resistant to cracking and providing improved adhesion.

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Traditional render represents the more classic methods of external wall finishes used in the past. It often consists of a mix of sand, cement, and lime.

Some common types of traditional render in the UK include:

● Lime Render: Lime render is a breathable and flexible option, making it suitable for older buildings with materials that require breathability, such as cob or solid brick.
● Sand and Cement Render: This mix typically comprises sand, cement, and water. It is commonly used on modern buildings but may not be as breathable as lime render.

When considering render options, both modern and traditional choices have their distinct benefits and factors to consider. The decision on which type of render to use relies on aspects like the building’s architectural style, the desired visual appeal, weather resistance, and adherence to local regulations or conservation standards. To achieve a successful and long-lasting render finish, it’s essential to apply the appropriate choice and consider the building’s specific requirements carefully. For competitive prices and professional work, get in touch with GO2 Property Services today.

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